Raising a montessorian

A journey of raising a montessori child in my own way

DIY Projects

DIY Makanan dari Kertas Bekas

Alat dan Bahan: kertas bekas, lem uhu/astero, cat air, benang kasur, piring plastik (kelebihan bahan pesta ulang tahun)

Cara Pembuatan:

1. Kumpulkan potongan kertas bekas.
2.Remas potongan kertas bekas.
3.Ambil kertas bekas yang lebih lebar, masukkan remasan kertas ke dalam kertas yang lebih besar, bentuk kertas yang lebih besar sesuai dengan makanan yang akan dibuat, misalnya ayam goreng.
4. Lem ujung-ujung kertas supaya bentuk makanan tidak berubah
5.Kuas dengan cat air tanpa ditambahkan air.
6.Keringkan cat.
7.Lem/letakkan makanan di atas piring plastik.
8.Untuk membuat spageti, cat benang kasur dengan warna oranye dan merah.
9.Makanan kertas bisa dipakai untuk bermain peran.

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Materials:  emotion board, matching cards, emotion eggs.


Pre-work from teacher/parent:

1. Introduce some feelings

2. Mime the expressions (the children will be interested to see the real expressions)

3. Explain why, in what situation and how to overcome negative feelings


Activities for children:

1. Point out the feeling mentioned by the teacher/parent

2. Match the cards with the emotion board

3. Match the emotion eggs with the board

4. Or take an emotion called out by the teacher, run to put it at certain point

5. Mime the emotions




Follow up:

Read books about feelings


This activity is good to teach children how to manage their negative feelings.

Planet Mobile: DIY and Activities


A used-mobile

8 stereofoam balls in different sizes

1 ball for the star

Poster colours






1. Insert the toothpicks through the diameter of the stereofoam balls.

2. Paint the balls based on the colour of each planet. The toothpick functions as the handle when painting.

3. Dry the planets.

4. Take off the toothpicks.

5. Insert the wire through the diameter of the planets and the sun.

6. Bend the wire on each end.

7. Tie a piece of string on each planet and sun.

8. Replace the hanging ornaments on the mobile with the planets.

9. Hang the sun on the mobile center.

10. Hang the mobile on the bedside.


My son (26 months old) helped me painting the stereofoam balls. He did it only for 5 minutes but enjoyed an activity he created himself. He mixed some watercolours in the bucket in the bathroom. He ran back and forth to pinch the watercolour in the living room and dipped it in the water to see the colour changing. He reported what colour he was having at that time.

I let him do it while I painted the rest. I finished making the planet mobile myself for two weeks. If you have older children, they will be great help and this activity can be their art project.


Extension activities

1. Ask the child to point out the planet based on our questions: Which is Mars? Which is Earth?

2. Ask them to touch each planet while saying its name.

3. Sing planet song.

4. Give additional information: Mars is the red planet. Jupiter is the biggest planet. Saturn has a ring. We life on Earth. The first planet is Mercury, etc.

5. Asking some information: what is the biggest planet? Why is Mars red? What planet do we live in?


The older your children are, the more complex information you can give.