Raising a montessorian

A journey of raising a montessori child in my own way

Pink Tower Activities

Pink tower presentation can be read here. I made pink tower printables for parents who homeschool their children and even for well-dedicated teachers. This is a token of appreciation from me. You are great teachers. The printable link is on the buttom of this article.

I printed these mats to make Ar (2.5 years old) familiar with pink tower patterns. He can also arrange the cubes based on the pattern on the mat.

After I presented how to arrange the pink tower in order, I let him try. It was okay if the children have not done it properly. They learn through trial and error. Do not interrupt when they are working. We can present it again next time.

His cousins love playing with the pink tower too. Pink tower is a must have item in Montessori.

When Ar was 3 years and 8 months, he asked for green tower instead the pink one so I gave the green one to motivate him.

I made some printables of pink tower and its variation for him. You can also download them here.

*This file is NOT for sale and should NOT be shared through email and file sharing sites. Please refer to this article if someone wishes to have these copies.