Raising a montessorian

A journey of raising a montessori child in my own way

Hundred Board: Skip Counting

Are you ready to try skip counting? Ar (5 years old) is excited to do that. I made skip counting by 2s-15s and there is a colouring page on the last page. The children can colour after working on hundred board. Let us know your activities using this chart by tagging our instagram @raisingamontessorian. Have fun!

Hundred Board Skip Counting Chart

Teens beads

Pengenalan bilangan belasan dan kegiatannya dapat di download dieverystarisdifferent math activities.

Introduction to teens beads and some math activities can be downloaded in everystarisdifferent.

Printables: Indonesian Currency

Pengenalan mata uang Indonesia dapat dilakukan ketika anak mulai tertarik bermain peran sebagai penjual dan pembeli. Nantinya anak akan diarahkan untuk belajar menghitung hasil penjualan atau pembelian mereka. Saya akan berikan urutan pengenalan mata uang pada artikel berikutnya.

Penulisan angka dalam mata uang Indonesia dalam file berikut sudah disesuaikan dengan Ejaan Yang Disempurnakan (EYD).

Mata Uang Indonesia/Indonesian Currency


*these printable files are for personal/classroom used only, not to be sold.

**please do not share this file in any sharing site.

***refer to this address if anyone asks for the printables.