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Printables: Combination of Red Rods and Number Rods

Setelah melakukan kegiatan sensorial dengan Kartu Tongkat Merah dan Kartu Tongkat Angka, anak-anak bisa menggabungkan kedua tongkat dengan menggunakan kartu kombinasi tongkat angka dan tongkat merah di bawah ini:

Control Cards for the Combination of Reds Rods and Number Rods

Selamat mencoba di rumah ataupun di sekolah. 

Printables: Number Rods (Tongkat Angka)

It took awhile to create some new printables. My son loves playing with number rods lately so I make some for him and of course you can download them too. Here are the number rods variation cards.

Click on the picture to download number rods printables.

I would like to see you post on instagram when you are using these cards, don't forget to tag me. Thank you.


Tujuan dan presentasi tongkat angka (number rods) dapat dibaca di sini. Tongkat angka juga dapat digunakan untuk stimulasi sensorial. kita bisa memberikan variasi kegiatan tongkat angka dengan kartu kontrol (control card). Klik gambar di atas untuk mengunduh kartunya.

Printables:Knobless Cylinders


After juggling to take photos and editing some knobless cylinders variation, here are some control cards for you. Enjoy!

knobless cylinders: red, green, yellow, blue

knobless cylinders: red and yellow

knobless cylinders: red and green

knobless cylinders: red and blue

knobless cylinders: green and yellow

knobless cylinders: blue and green

knobless cylinders: blue and yellow

knobless cylinders: red, yellow and green


knobless cylinders variation 1

knobless cylinders variation 2

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Printables: Pink Tower

Here are some basic pink tower printables:

Pink tower matching cards

Pink tower number cards in Indonesian

Pink tower number cards in English

Pink tower size cards in Indonesian

Pink tower size cards in English

*Please, do not shrink the file when printed because it will change the size of the pictures.

Pink tower extension from creciendoconmontessori

*these printable files are for personal/classroom used only, not to be sold.

**please do not share this file in any sharing site.

***refer to this address if anyone asks for the printables.