Raising a montessorian

A journey of raising a montessori child in my own way

DIY Rocket and Jetpack

Discussing planets cannot be separated from astronout job. Ar watched video how the astronouts work in the outer space, how they walk and live there. I made a a jetpack for Ar following the instructions here. however, I did not use spray paint but acrylic paint. I have different way of painting the bottles.


used soda bottles

Some tissue, tear it

PVC glue

acrylic paint


glue around the bottles

attach torn tissue one by one

dry the bottles under direct sunlight

paint them when they are dry

let the paint dry

attach felt accessories 

For the rocket, I glued felt on cardboard paper first, then I attached them on the buttom four sides of the bottle. I added Ar's photo to personalize it. He helped me painting the bottles and could not wait to see how it looked.

He was overjoyed when he got his rocket and jet pack. He hold the rocket and ran around the house. Oops, he should pretended to walk slowly because he was on the moon. He knew that, but running is more hilarious than walking in slow motion.

Look, his cousin wanted to try the jet pack, too.

Pretend Play: Fireman

Untuk kali ini Ar akan bermain peran sebagai pemadan kebakaran. Mama siapkan buku dn lagu tentang pemadam kebakaran, tak lupa peralatan sebagai pemadam kebakaran. Setiap malam kami membaca buku tentang pemadam kebakaran, membahas peralatan dan kegunaannya dan apa saja yang harus dilakukan sebanagi pemadam kebakaran. Ketika Ar sudah memahami hal tersebut, kami membahas bagaimana jika di rumah kami terjadi kebakaran. Pengetahuan tentang "Berhenti, rebahkan diri, dan berguling" atau lebih dikenal dengan "Stop, drop and roll" juga perlu diberikan ketika tubuh kita terbakar. Tujuan saya memberikan informasi seperti itu supaya Ar bisa secara otomatis melakukan hal tersebut jika suatu saat (amit-amit) terjadi hal yang tidak kita inginkan itu. Kami juga bermain dengan memperagakan cara "Berhenti, rebahkan diri, dan berguling" supaya lebih menyenangkan.


Ar menirukan lagu tentang pemadam kebakaran dalam bahasa Inggris dan menyanyikannnya. Dan tibalah saat bermain peran sebagai pemadam kebakaran! Di memperagakan mulai dari menerima panggilan darurat, menjalankan mobil pemadam kebakaran, memecahkan kaca jendela, membuka teralis dan menyemprotkan alat pemadam kebakaran. Oh... dan masih ada satu lag kegiatan yang paling disukainya yaitu bermain air. Pura-pura menyemprotkan air ke tanaman yang ceritanya sedang terbakar, sungguh menyenangkan!

Kalau foto yang ini adalah ketika Ar sudah berusia empat tahun. Bermain peran sebagai pemadam kebakaran masih saja menjadi favoritnya. kali ini ditambah adegan Ar pulang ke rumah setelah beberapa kali memadamkan kebakaran ketika bertugas. Ar mengetuk pintu, melepas pakaian lapangannya dan memeluk mama kemudian menceritakan apa saja yang dia lakukan selama bekerja. 

Kegiatan ini bisa menumbuhkan kepekaan, empati, keinginan bekerjasama, cara menghadapi masalah dan terbuka menceritakan kejadian hari itu.

Pretend Play: Pediatrician

Now, it's time to be a pediatrician!


Ar asked about the names of the doctor's equipment. I told him the names and their functions while giving example how to use them. he could understand them well and he could not wait to be a pediatrician. We used mickey doll as the patient and made conversation with the patient. He imitated the heartbeat and giggled afterwards.



These were Mr Ar's activities when he was a pediatrician. This activity is good to prepare the children before visiting a doctor. They know what will happen when they are in the doctor's room so they can be calmer. Before having this role play, Ar tended not to obey the doctor and he wanted to play around the room. In fact, he could listen to the doctor after this role play. Yay!






Pretend Play: Grocery

Ar (2.5 years old) was learning about currency and he liked to invite everyone to visit his shop. He know IDR 1,000; IDR 2,000; IDR 5,000. Therefore, I made a cash register for him. The tutorial of this cash register can be read in DIY: ATM. I didn't take photos on each step but basically they have the same steps.


 Ar opened a grocery in front of the house. He invited the neighbours who was passing in front of our house to buy some groceries. They were very excited to join our pretend play. Some adults even made long conversation about his products. Pretend play is good to improve his communication skill, patience, confidence, good manner and counting skill. Though Ar sometimes insisted the customer to buy the certain groceries, everybody was pleased to see his performance. LOL. 

Pretend Play: Bakery




Ar named the bakery himself. Salilatos is taken from the words Sali Loti dan Chacalatos.


There are some kinds of cake you can have:

1. Black forest

2. Cheese cake

3. Orange cake

4. Choco cake

5. Toast

6. Pancake


Choose your own topping: choco sticks, oranges, strawberries, blueberries, kiwi fruits, cherries.




Receiving, preparing and delivering order. Psstt, it's a serious work!

He opened different kinds of shops such as: Fruit salad Stall fast food stall and snack stall. 

I bought the felt food and fruits from an art and craft shop because I did not have much time to make them - say, I was lazy. Yet, if you are crafty enough, you can make them and browse some felt food tutorials. These properties are his favourites.

The benefits of this pretend play:

1. It improves the vocabulary mastery about food fruits, cakes.
2.It trains hand-eye coordination when preparing the order.
3.It improves communication skills when receiving a phone call.
4.It develops gross motor skill when riding a bicycle to delivery the order.
5.it enhances counting skill when counting the items or the money.
6.It develops understanding,patience, and politeness.